Whether your dog needs an introduction to manners, loose-leash walking, or a healthy outlet for their energy, the nose knows that Kudos for Canines will coach you through all of the right steps for success! Pet owners can grow alongside their canine companions, from the basics of puppyhood; puppy understanding and training, to advanced canine sports solving daily pet owner challenges along the way.

With services ranging from group classes to private lessons, we offer Central Illinois dog owners — and canine enthusiasts — expert level dog training using fun, science-based techniques and a rewards-based approach to human and canine alike.

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11 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. softailrider1 says:

    Great blog. We must have more articles by the Kennel Biscuit. He’s a riot. And his indifference to some of the silly, non-functional dog training that often goes on in competition is right on.

  2. Amanda Look says:

    Hello this is Amanda Look,
    I have a 6 month old pitbull she just started biting my little dogs.. would u be able to help me with her

  3. Beth Ward says:

    Have a pup who is beagle/shiba inu/hound/great pyranees and wow!!!!! Is she an energy ball! We need training asap-both of her owners are terrible dog trainers. She’s 13 weeks old, seems really smart, super sweet and a real handful. She’s going to be a decent size girl and can already lean onto counter and table tops. Bad!!! She’s partially house trained, recognizes “no” most of the time, comes about 65% of the time to command, and is starting to learn sit command. But we understand beagle and mixes can be a little difficult to train. Help!!!

  4. Pamala Farnham says:

    Hello I’m getting a Samoyed puppy in about a week and a half he will be 9 weeks old I want to get him in a puppy socialization class as soon as it’s safe to do so I was looking on your webpage for a schedule or pricing can you tell me about that

    • lmpaul76 says:

      Hello, I’m not teaching any puppy socialization classes currently. However, I can offer in home pet training. Please submit your information on our Contact Us page and we can possibly schedule a private training session.

  5. Dena Gravatt says:

    Hi. We have a 7 month old GSD name Hera. Two months ago we went through a horrible experience with our animals. We lost our home in a hurricane n were trapped inside with our pets. They lost their uard. She had never been tied up. For first month she was tied up. This last month we spent 2 weeks in a motel n now we are living in a condo. Hera is now acting like she never was housetrained and her manners well she is a mess. Do you offer any kinda of training that could help us? She needs a lot. Lol

    • lmpaul76 says:


      I would love to discuss your house training issues further. Please click on our Contact Us page and provide us some more information (including your location) and we can start a dialog. Thanks a lot.


    • lmpaul76 says:

      Hi, Washington is just a little out of my range, but you’re welcome to join me at my classroom for private training. You can hit my Contact Us page and send me an email to discuss it further. Thanks!

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