Whether your dog needs an introduction to manners, loose-leash walking, or a healthy outlet for their energy, the nose knows that Kudos for Canines will coach you through all of the right steps for success! Pet owners can grow alongside their canine companions, from the basics of puppyhood; puppy understanding and training, to advanced canine sports solving daily pet owner challenges along the way.

With services ranging from group classes to private lessons, we offer Central Illinois dog owners — and canine enthusiasts — expert level dog training using fun, science-based techniques and a rewards-based approach to human and canine alike.


Top photo by Angel Sallade Photography


3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. softailrider1 says:

    Great blog. We must have more articles by the Kennel Biscuit. He’s a riot. And his indifference to some of the silly, non-functional dog training that often goes on in competition is right on.

  2. Amanda Look says:

    Hello this is Amanda Look,
    I have a 6 month old pitbull she just started biting my little dogs.. would u be able to help me with her

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