Registration Open: March 2016 Class Session

As the demand continues to grow for scent games, we are thrilled to announced our next class series beginning in March 2016!

If you’re just getting started with the Scent games series both our Continuing Scent Games and Intro to Odor classes might be perfect for your team! Learn more about these two classes over on our class information page and find specific class information and registration!

Our Competition Scent Games classes will begin on March 25th and we’re featuring a daylight optimizer in order to have all teams have the opportunity to work with some daylight. Please check out the Competition Scent Games class page for specific information and contact us if you have questions!

When registering — don’t forget to fill out the full form, hit submit AND click on “Buy Now” button to complete your registration. We have gotten many payments without registration forms and we have a hard time tracking you down without that information!

Happy Training!

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