Social Distancing Continues

You might feel like I feel, we’re all just marking time until we’re released from our enforced ‘Social Distancing’.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a believer in flattening the curve.  However, it’s tough as a small business, when I have rent to pay and no income. 

Here is something that you can believe in – Training dogs at Kudos for Canines has always included Social Distancing. Not because of the potential health hazards for the humans, but because of the dog’s need for space in order to learn. In our pet training classes, dogs (and humans as a byproduct) have been socially distancing since we first started offering puppy manners classes – long before COVID-19 hit the streets.

When the Governor’s orders came down and we temporarily shut our doors, it was a gift to hear that clients would have felt comfortable continuing classes at Kudos because our dog training stations were already a good 10+ft apart. Our pet training classes have a 5-dog limit and with 2,000sqft in our classroom, that makes for plenty of space for dog and human learning alike. 

Kudos has always been committed to fostering an environment where learning can happen.  We have been taking this down time to pursue online continuing education – participating in webinars on subjects from aggression to loose-leash walking to nose work.  Our passion for understanding behavior in dogs remains unchanged.  Our commitment to sharing that understanding continues. 

The moment we’re allowed to reopen our doors, we’ll be there, socially distancing with toilet paper and hand sanitizer.