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I have taken residence in the Bloomington/Normal area for over a third of my life. However, I hail from a country small in size but Great in history. I am fortunate to share my life here with my wonderful husband, Peter along with our two fun loving Belgian Malinois, Copper and Penny.

Growing up there was always a dog in the family. The dogs we had in my childhood home had rock-solid temperaments. At times as a child I would make mistakes, as children often do, and was corrected by our dogs!

Just as the saying goes that kids will be kids, dogs, too will be dogs. As will most all animals! As an animal trainer I know better than I did as a child. I have a passion for helping your animal friends (and my own) understand the behaviors we expect of them.

Are you struggling with an animal companion that does not understand your commands? I encourage you to contact me, today!


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