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Client Information Form

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Home Information

Dog's Information

Vet Information


(Proof of vaccinations will be required)

Day-to-Day Living

Please include information on what type of food you use, how much and how frequently the dog is fed. As well as what types of treats you use.

Please include information on whether your pet is house trained, or details on specific house training issues you may be having.

Please include information on what types of exercise your pet receives, how long and how frequently.

Include information such as indoors, outdoors, invisible fence, crated, etc. Also, please detail the length of time your dog is normally left alone.

Social Environment

Be specific on who is responsible for training the dog, walking them and feeding them

If you have visitors who regularly bring a pet over, please include them too.

Praise, rewards, verbal corrections, physical corrections


List behaviors that you feel you could lay a $50 bill on it and you're sure your dog would do it.



As well, describe whether medical attention was required and how much was needed.

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2 thoughts on “Client Information Form

  1. Nichole says:

    I hear people basically say lisa is better than the dog whisperer all the time so I am excited to see if draven can be made to act like a gentleman cuz right now he’s a bit wild and hard to handle.

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