How To Schedule your Online Consultation!

We know that navigating the Online World can be a bit intimidating for our clients, so we’ve come up with a couple of screen shots and tips for our clients! Here’s how to schedule your online consultation.

  1. You can first click here and a new window should pop-up linking to our online scheduler. Make sure that Pop-Ups are allowed!
  2. The calendar view should default to the current week and any time that’s pink is available for scheduling. You can forward to a specific day or time. When you hover your mouse icon over the pink areas you’ll notice that it should change from an arrow head to to a pointing hand. Click on the day/time that you would like and it will bring you to a login page.
  3. When you click it will bring you to a login page. If you have previously taken group classes with us, then you should be pretty familiar with the interface shown. You can just login, use the drop-downs to determine which service you’re wanting to schedule and it will automatically guide you through the steps, payment etc. You may want to make a couple of notes in the Comments section if you have a specific if you would like to work on.
  4. If you have never taken a class with Kudos for Canines, then you will need to create an account. After creating an account it should return you to the service page where you an determine which online option you’d like to schedule.

If you have any difficulties navigating the page, please do not hesitate to contact us here!

This new app is sweeping the nation and helping us all navigate through these new digital times. It’s easy to set up, available for Android and IOS devices. You can set it up on a cell phone, tablet or iPad. We’re using the app to keep in contact with our clients and give them live feedback on the training that they’re doing.

Cell Phone Tripod
Not everyone has a family member who can hold the phone while you’re training. Something like a small, lightweight cell phone tripod or selfie stick could be handy. Something like this!