Online Training & Consulting

Copper Coaching

Here at Kudos for Canines, we’re dedicated to the local community as we try to navigate through this new landscape; Although we love group classes, we need to look forward, to envision new solutions to help train our puppies, adults and rescue dogs.

Our online offering, through a combination of phone and/or Zoom, is available for registration here, through our Private Training Portal. Here you will be able to choose whether you are looking for pet training and support or guidance to brush up on competition sport skills. Looking for some How To Tips on our Online Scheduling, or using the Zoom App – Click Here for our How To Page!

Pet Training
If you’ve brought home a dog since the beginning of March, then you’re probably trying hard to ‘weather the storm’ until you can get into a group class. Unfortunately, time is never our friend.
-> Puppies learn more in their first 16 weeks than they will learn in the rest of their lives. This includes all aspects of socialization – from encountering new people, dogs, sounds, flooring, experiencing appropriate play and impulse control.
-> Adult adoptions often have a ‘Honeymoon period’ where the dog appears to be perfectly fine, but in fact is getting used to their environment. Their previous training and disposition won’t necessarily be seen until they’ve been with the family from anywhere between three weeks and three months.

For these families we offer our Pet Training Consultation – $125.00. Included in this fee we provide an initial one hour phone/Zoom consultation to get you started. We’ll cover the basics such as house training, motivation behind leash pulling, how to train your everyday skills, such as sit, stay etc. We’ll also include two 30min follow-ups, spaced in 1-2 week increments out (your choice) to see how this training is coming along and tune things up. After the initial consultation we can continue with online consulting ($60/hr increments – these can be split in half) or move in in-home (if we’re past the crisis) at $75/hr.

Competition Sports Training
Once you’re addicted to dog sports, there’s generally no going back! I’m here to help you tighten up those skills during our enforced downtime.

As a Rally, Obedience, Nosework and Freestyle judge, as well as an AKC Trick Dog and CGC Examiner, I’ve got the eye you need to help hash out those issues. As a dog trainer and graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy, I can help you split those issues up into tangible slices and create your training plan for success. With the help of Zoom, Facebook and YouTube we tackle those training challenges together.
Competition Consulting – $60/hr.