Letter to Scramble

Dearest Scramble,

About six months ago I had to say goodbye to our Mom. She’s been hurting a lot since then but once she heard about you, I saw that she was filled with joy again. 

You might hear talk about this Malinois, larger than life, that changed your Mom’s world. Ignore it all. 

Your job in life is to take Mom on a bold, new, wild adventure, one that I could never be a part of. I took myself too seriously and only let my guard down when I was really too old to enjoy it. 

You’re going to have the bestest life with Mom and Auntie Kristin to look over you. I hear that you’ll even be meeting Auntie Michelle too, please remember to give Kim a kiss from me.

I’ll be watching you always, keeping you safe, like I did for our Mom. Please try to make friends with Tuppence. I was too set in my ways, but she seemed like she could be pretty cool… For a cat at least.

Most importantly, have fun, play, roll in some really stinky stuff, and don’t take the world too seriously.

Your friend and confidant from the other side,