Kudos for Canines has a new home!

Starting with thank you seems most appropriate. So many folks and their eager pups have joined us on this K9 Nose Work journey and we’re thrilled to have a space to call home for ourselves and all of you!

Kudos for Canines
1537 Fort Jesse Rd, Suite A
Normal, Illinois 61761

All the dates for our next K9 Nose Work session are scheduled and the website is now up to date with the class offerings. Take a minute to check out the CLASS LINE UP starting late March and get your team registered! Please note we are offering some 90-minute sessions this time around, allowing for more teams in each class!

With the opening of our brand new space, we’ll now be offering private training. Contact us for details!


News for the New Year!

The holidays are approaching and 2017 will be here before we know it. Are you making plans for 2017? We are!

This Winter we are excited to be offering several more classes in our popular K9 Nose Work series!

Hop on over to our K9 Nose Work Class page to get the details and register for the classes starting in January!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

October class schedule and ORT pics!

20160924_130620Hard to believe we’re almost into October! Our fall classes that start in the middle and late parts of October are now open for registration. Check out the updates to our website and the class registration page. We’re hoping the new format will help you find the specific classes that are best for your team with a little more ease!

Also, hop over to check out some of the photos from our ORT event that was held in Bloomington on September 24th. It was a fantastic event and thrilling to see so many Kudos teams testing and passing that day! We’ll continue to bring great events like these to the area as we’re able, if you have a specific event you’d like to see, feel welcome to send us a note to let us know via our contact page!

Gearing up for a busy Fall!

trick-672629_1920This last few months has been a whirlwind of time spent training, learning and teaching. Now, we’re staring right at our full lineup of Fall classes and they’ll be here before we know it!

Check out our Class Line up and get registered for one of our August sessions: Continuing K9 Nose Work (8/14), Competition K9 Nose Work ROAD TRIP (8/4), Competition K9 Nose Work (8/14) and Competition Containers in K9 Nose Work (8/14). These classes run for 6 weeks and cost $110. Please make special note of the registration deadlines for each of these classes! 

Attention ORT event participants! We’ve just added an ORT Refresher Course designed to help your team prepare for testing at our event on September 24th. This class is a mini format, running for 3 weeks at a cost of $60!

Registrations for the ORT testing event are filling up quickly but we will continue to accept registrations online and snail mail until 90 spots are filled or on September 9th at noon (whichever comes first)!

All classes will be held at Positive Training (with the exception of ROAD TRIP classes) located at 1103 Martin Luther King Dr, Bloomington, Illinois.

As always, if you have any questions about our class line ups, now, or in the future, please contact us!

Odor Recognition Testing! Registration Now Open!

NACSW-Color-LogoWe are thrilled to be bringing ORT right here to Bloomington/Normal, Illinois. Situated at the crossroads of the heartland we offer easy access to major interstates from any direction!

Testing date will be Saturday, September 24, 2016 located at Town & Country Kennel Club, 2507 Fox Creek Rd, Bloomington, IL 61705. We can only perform 90 tests on this testing date and entry is, therefore, limited. Registration will close at noon on September 9th OR when we have met our max capacity.

The handler of the dog must be a current member of the NACSW™. The dog must be registered with the  NACSW™. For more information on how to register or become a member visit www.NACSW.net.

Ready to register? Head on over to our Odor Recognition Test event to register online OR by mail. Important information for online registrations!! Once you have submitted the online form please select the webstore link, select the corresponding number of tests and make your payment via PayPal. Online registrations are NOT complete until payment has been received and due to the limited registrations available we cannot stress enough to please complete the entire process!

Questions? Want to know more? Contact me, today!

May Class Registration and Events Announcements!

Our class lineup beginning in May 2016 has been added to the website and registration for those classes is now open! Click on over to our Classes page to learn about our class offerings starting in May and get signed up!

You may also notice a new addition to our website – our events pages. We are pleased to announce approval for an ORT to be held this September! As well, we’ll be making some other event announcements, adding registration and all kinds need-to-know information to this area very soon! Check it out and stay tuned as we start to churn out all of the dates and information!

Scheduled Website Maintenance!

Dog And Laptop.jpg

Maintenance is just a part of life in the technology age in which we live! This weekend we’re rolling up our sleeves to perform some necessary maintenance to the www.kudosforcanines.com website. During this scheduled maintenance we may experience brief website outages and/or partial outages where some features are not accessible.

Should you need to reach us, please find us on Facebook and feel free to send a message or give us a call at 309-310-2624. We apologize for any inconvenience this scheduled site maintenance creates, however, we hope to create a better web experience through this process for all of our valued clients!

Happy Friday! Lisa

The sky is falling!

If you’ve ever been a fan of All Creatures Great and Small, then you’re probably familiar with the very unscientific term ‘crackerdog’.  That’s the only term that seems appropriate to describe how my 10 year old, Copper, was behaving last night.  He would stand at the baby gate barking, we’d ask him to quiet down…He’d stop for 5 seconds and go back to barking.  We tried to sit down on the couch with him…No go.  Tried moving him to a different room…Barking continued.  My husband and I had a heated discussion on whether he’d fed the dogs (this was later confirmed by a Kong count in the freezer).  We let Copper out to potty multiple times and NOTHING seemed to stop the behavior. 

Then, by a stroke of luck, I was standing in an area of the house and heard this very quiet, high pitched whining.  We looked around the house, outside the house and finally determined that a smoke alarm battery was dying…A very slow and, according to Copper, a very painful death.  So, replace the battery and wait.  Finally, after several minutes, Copper was reassured that the sky wasn’t actually falling (Malinois’ are sure that the sky falls at least several times a day) and he settled down to eat the bully stick that we’d offered while attempting to calm down behavior that we had assumed was BMS (BMS =Bored Malinois Syndrome).

All became quiet in the house.  Both dogs were happy with their respective bully sticks and there was calm once more.  I should add that Penny hadn’t given two hoots about the dying smoke alarm, but those kinds of things have never bothered her.

And then I was an idiot.  I was on the couch, Facebooking, clicked on one of those ‘must watch’ videos and suddenly a smoke alarm beep starting issuing forth from my phone!  The Sky Was Now Most Definitely FALLING!!!  Copper was up like a jackrabbit, I’m pressing the back button faster than you’d believe, but the damage was already done.  He came up to me and starting crawling into my lap (no mean feat for a 65lb, 25in dog!), so I pulled him the rest of the way up and just held him until his body started relaxing.  And I held him, and he was happy that his Mommy was there to protect him from the evil, treacherous sky.  And then all was right again with the world.  He finished his bully stick and I stayed away from random links on Facebook.

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